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Start the Turntable and Icy Monkey shares some great advice, for sure!

Icy Monkey
Rule No. 4:

When the feet don’t carry no more, crawl on all fours!» Ginger Lemon
When the sweetest cherries seem too high on the tree – grap a Sour Cherry!» Sour Cherry
Be like a Melon, hard shell and sweet core!» WaterMelon
70% of your body is water ... the rest should be tonic!» Tonic Water
Never write Hawaii with one "I": This is our privilege!» Blue Hawai
When life is bitter, take No. 10!» Ice Lemon
You can’t say "Pina Colada" without singin’ it!» Pina Colada
Never go to bed before 12! Monsters might wait for you! Seriously!» Kiwi Apple
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